Some People Are Worth Melting For


**CAUTION**: This is my review of the Disney’s Frozen. It does contain SPOILERS. **CAUTION**

Disney recently came out with the movie Frozen. The movie is about a royal family with two daughters. The older daughter, Elsa, has magical powers that allow her to create ice and to freeze things. However, after she hurts her younger sister, Anna, her parents have her learn to “conceal, not feel” her powers, in order to better control them. In their efforts to control her powers, their parents shut Elsa in her room and shut themselves off from their kingdom. After the death of the king and queen, Anna and Elsa remain cut off from much of the kingdom. When it comes time for Elsa’s coronation, they open up the castle. However, when Elsa’s powers get out of control, she brings about a winter during the summer and must flee into the mountains. Anna must do what she can in order to get Elsa to melt the snow.


This movie was full of humor. I found myself laughing louder than any of the kids during many parts in the movie. There were no scenes with the snowman Olaf that lacked any humor. A snowman that dreamt for the day when he could experience summer and heat: continually hilarious. The relationship between Kristoff and Sven was quite the bromantic of inter-species friendships. Many of the interactions that involved either Sven, or Olaf, or even Oaken created a very fun and enjoyable story setting. Rating: R, for Rolling-on-the-floor -laughing


For the most part, Frozen contained a fairly original story. I can’t say I’ve seen a movie that involved a girl with powers that could freeze the things around her. However, the main themes of movies can only get so original. With how many movies have been made, themes WILL repeat themselves. Frozen involves a girl who cannot accept who she is. She tries to run away and shut herself off from the world. However, all that fear does is further isolate her. The only way to fix everything is with love. The movie had very few problems until the solution to everything became LOVE. Yes, I do understand that true love is a beautiful thing. Love can do a lot of things. Love saved us when Jesus died on the Cross. However, when romantic love is the solution, the movie becomes like so many other movies nowadays. Rating: Oc, for Original with a side of cheese.

Deeper Meaning

The issue that Elsa had seems to be one that many people have to deal with. There’s a part of ourselves that we just don’t like. There’s something that we don’t want others to know about ourselves. When the trolls explained to her how to protect herself and others from her powers, they said that she needs to learn control and not fear. However, when her parents teach her to “conceal, not feel,” Elsa is allowing fear to dictate her relationship with her powers. She is trying to suppress her powers, thinking that, if she doesn’t use them, they’ll go away. They believed that not using her powers meant control. However, that fear took away her control. Her powers controlled her. When we fear ourselves and give up control, we begin to hurt ourselves and others. We must accept who and what we are, not suppressing it. We must integrate those aspects of our personality in with the rest of ourselves. Basically, fear can be overcome when we establish control over ourselves, not denying who or what we are.

Olaf was truly an adorable snowman. He knew how to make us laugh. But he also has some wise words. He explains to Anna that true love is putting someone else before yourself. Finally Disney understands, at least a little bit, what love is. It’s not just an emotion, not just a feeling. Love is an intentional action of placing another’s needs ahead of your own. For not having a brain, Olaf is pretty smart. Though, Olaf CAN be cheesy while still speaking adorably. He said that some people are worth melting for. Olaf is re-emphasizing this idea of love. Some people are worth sacrificing for. When we love someone, they are truly worth melting for, worth dying for.

Lesson Learned

Anna started off with a strong desire to be loved. She always felt isolated from everyone. She left herself very vulnerable. As a result, she fell for the first man that gave her a second glance. What happened? He turned out to be using her, only wanting to gain access to her kingdom. From the beginning, I did not like him. I knew that there was something off about him. In that sense, the movie was somewhat predictable. However, this lesson can still be learned. When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, we open ourselves up to the possibility of being taken advantage of and of being hurt. We must always be able to look out for our safety, not allowing ourselves to be overcome by our emotions and feelings.

Overall, I would give Disney’s Frozen an A-. The movie was very enjoyable. There were very few parts when I was let down. The music was very well done. The animation was beautifully spectacular. However, there were certain aspects of the movie that remained cheesy, corny, and easily foreseeable. Though, the movie stills remain a quality cinematic production.


Duc In Altum


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