Why the World Is Getting Smaller

“Men have become the tools
of their tools.”

-Henry David Thoreau

As technology has progressed and more lands have been explored, the question has become whether the world is getting bigger or smaller. As discoveries become more vast, it would seem as though the world is getting bigger, or our understanding of the world and universe is becoming bigger. However, technology has made communication much easier, so that we can find out about something that happens halfway around the world minutes after it happens. However, at the same time, just as in the 19th century with Thoreau, instead of men using technology, technology uses men. People can’t seem to live without it. When we rely on these technologies, we are giving up some of our own control over ourselves.

I believe that the invention of the cell phone was one of the greatest and one of the worst steps humanity could have taken in the pursuits of technological advancement. Cell phones have allowed us to stay in contact with others (basically) wherever we go. We can surf the Internet (which is an amazing achievement as well). People can locate us. We can find out where we are and where we are going. We can always remain in contact with others. We can be safe. However, that tiny screen can transport us from a party filled with people to a world in which you’re the only living person. That which began as that which unites everyone together has become that which isolates everyone from one another. The cell phone divides, rather than unites. When people hang out, they feel the necessity to sit in front of their screens rather than in each other’s presence.

This video has definitely seen its time across the Internet. I’m sure most people have seen this. It shows a very disturbing reality: technology has made this world smaller. While it may be smaller due to increasingly available communication, the world is no longer just one. We are cutting ourselves off from everyone else. People can’t seem to go a day without using their cell phones. Why even try? Everyone else will just have theirs with them. We have to be in constant communication with other people. The world is getting smaller because we don’t recognize the people with whom we are right now. We always have our eyes on what’s next, on where we’ll be next. We don’t like to live in the moment; we like to keep ourselves far from this present moment. Whether that be by texting other people or just using technology as sound, we try to make noise to keep us from being present to this moment or to ourselves.

Technology is truly taking us over. We prefer to stare at a TV or computer screen rather than spend time with others. We wouldTech-Reading Meme rather use a Kindle to read instead of reading pages from a book. Texting people has replaced authentic human interaction. Online dating is becoming increasingly popular (and don’t even get me started on that). Kids are growing up in front of a screen playing video games rather than playing outside. It’s difficult to hang out with people and just talk. Rather than hanging out with friends, people can’t seem to rip themselves away from their technology long enough to actually spend time with another person. Man has become the tool of his tools. We are getting taken over by what we own. Movies and books about technology taking over the world are not too far from what’s happening. We are losing control of this world by allowing technology have so much power over our lives. Don’t get me wrong: technology can be a really useful thing. However, as it gains such a big hold over our lives, technology does more harm than good. We need to become the masters of it, rather than being mastered by it.

“Technology is nothing. What’s important
is that you have a faith in people,
that they’re basically good and smart,
and if you give them tools,
they’ll do wonderful things with them.”

-Steve Jobs


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