Just One Step

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

-Lao Tzu

Every journey on which we embark, we must take that first step. Whether it’s a journey of faith, First stepa journey across nations, or even the journey through life, the journey must begin somewhere. That first step cannot be taken lightly. While we can change the path it takes us, it becomes harder to figure out where we need to take ourselves. That first step gives us the momentum to continue moving that same way. You can never take back that first step; you must always live with the consequences of that first step. However, it is better to wholeheartedly step in the wrong direction than to halfheartedly step in the right direction.

A week and a half ago, I went on the March for Life with my parish. Our bus captain made the theme of our pilgrimage ‘Just One Step’ (or something along those lines). Throughout the pilgrimage, he stressed that every journey, all progress must start with just one step. With everything we do, we have to start somewhere. We need to do everything we can to start off on the right foot. Maybe we don’t know where we’re going. Maybe we don’t know what’s going to happen. All that we can do is take that first step.

Today, I’m leaving for my semester abroad in Austria. This will only be the third time I have flown. I definitely have no idea what’s going to happen. Flights still kind of scare me. So I am truly stepping out into the unknown. However, I can’t just not take this step. One cannot just stay cooped up in their house for their whole life; we must be able to travel, to go out into the world. Going out into the world, exploring the nations must start with just one step. Maybe we have no idea that into which we are walking. But we must go forward in faith, trusting that the Lord will guide us on our journey. There is no telling what will happen, what I will experience this semester. But I would never want to regret not living. I’m taking this first step, knowing that it’s for the best.

“Faith is taking the first step
even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”

-Martin Luther King, Jr.


Duc In Altum


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