Mind the Gap, Part II

“Walking is a virtue,
tourism is a deadly sin.”

-Bruce Chatwin, What Am I Doing Here?

The next morning, we planned to go to Latin Mass at Westminster, which wasn’t until 10:00 or so, so we had some time to kill between breakfast and Mass. We decided to go over to Buckingham Palace, since it was also near our hostel. We hung out there for a while, taking our pictures, beholding the building that is Buckingham Palace, and just goofing around. We walked over to where the Royal Guards were, watched them for a little while, and then headed back over toward the Cathedral. While the Mass was merely a Novus Ordo Latin Mass, we still greatly enjoyed it. After Mass, we wandered through a few Catholic good stores – that was fun. There were so many amazing things that I wanted, but I couldn’t get them: The Life of the Traveling College Student.

After looking through those stores, we had a rather touristy day planned, so we headed over to Baker Street. There was no way we could have gone to London without stopping by 221B. (If you do not know what I’m talking about, I would suggest asking Mr. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.) Though the line for the 100_0959actual museum was extremely long, we still went into the gift shop, where we looked around and reveled in the Holme-y atmosphere. [Insert groan over pun here.] After Baker Street, we headed toward King’s Cross. We grabbed a small lunch of sandwiches then looked at Platform 9 3/4. The line was once again very long, so we just went into the gift shop. After King’s Cross, we wanted to go to Abbey Road, so we got on the Tube and headed toward the ‘Abbey Road’ stop, which brought us out to the outskirts of London. When we got there, we saw sign that said the the Beatles’ Abbey Road was all the way on the other side of town. (The picture shows where we were versus where we should have been.) So we got on the Tube and went 13 stops (or so) in the other direction. We got there, they got their picture, and headed back to the Tube station. After Abbey Road, we wanted to go to Greenwich for the evening, so we took the Tube 10 stops (or so) back in the other direction. (It was quite a long day of travel.)

When we got to Greenwich, we walked around for a little bit and decided to get some dinner. 3 of us got fish ‘n chips while the other got chicken nuggets. The fish ‘n chips were not very expensive, and that was quite apparent. If you ever go to London, pay the £10 or so for quality fish ‘n chips. It would be worth it. After walking around Greenwich for a little while, we realized that there wasn’t really much we could go there after dark. So we decided to check out the usual London sites at night. We looked at Big Ben/Parliament, the London Eye, Westminster Abbey, and the Tower Bridge. They were all so beautifully lit up. When we got to the London Bridge, we were greatly disappointed. It was not a very grand sight. We were taken aback by that and by the fact that part of the Old London Bridge is apparently somewhere in Arizona, or something. With the things to see while traveling, be prepared for the possibility of being let down. Some things are not always grand as they are made out to be.

After those, we decided to call it a night, because we had to leave for the train station at 4:00am the next morning in order to get to the airport in time. As we were going through security in the London airport, my bag was flagged because they thought there might be something suspicious in it. So the lady took my bag and searched it. Early in the search, she pulled out my 2″ tall Mary statue. Apparently that had been the flagged item. She said that everything was fine, but she still had to check the rest of my bag. Adventure is out there? No. It’s apparently hiding in my bag. The rest of our travels were fairly uneventful. We got back to Salzburg, took some trains to get to Scheibbs, and then the bus back to the Kartause. We ran into some of our friends along the way, so we were able to begin swapping stories of our first weekend traveling away from the University. We made it back mostly unscathed. It was quite the worthwhile trip!

“Go where we may, rest where we will,
Eternal London haunts us still.”

-Thomas More


Duc In Altum


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