The Channel of Peace

“Lord, grant that I might
not so much seek
to be loved as to love.”

-St. Francis of Assisi

After spending time in Rome, we had the opportunity to end our pilgrimage with a few days in Assisi. I greatly wish I had more time in Assisi. It was just a small, peaceful town on the side of a mountain. It was beautiful, quaint, and a great end to our pilgrimage. After the busyness in Rome, it was great to get a bit of time in Assisi to relax and just be in the beauty of the mountains. When we first got into Assisi, we started off by going to Santa Maria degli Angeli (St. Mary of the Angels). It was quite a beautiful church. Within that basilica sat the Porziuncola – the small chapel in which St. Francis of Assisi spent much prayer. After spending time gazing at the beauty that sat within the Church and praying, we went up to the upper part of Assisi that sat on the side of the mountain.

A good bit of the time was spent on our own, allowing us to enjoy the peacefulness of the quiet town of Assisi. We had Mass each day whilst we were there. We had Mass in the Church of St. Clare, 100_1498under which sat the tomb of St. Clare. We also had Mass at the tomb of St. Francis under the Basilica of St. Francis. Being able to have Mass with these two saints by our side stands beyond words, especially with attending a university run by the Franciscan TORs. Whilst in Assisi, we had time to wander the streets, accepting the simplicity of the town of Assisi. We also had the chance to go to San Damiano, the church where St. Francis was asked by Christ to rebuild His Church. St. Francis then proceeded to rebuild that church that was crumbling. The church was added to and became the first monastery of the Order of St. Clare, where St. Clare. We also had the chance to go up to the Hermitage of St. Francis, where St. Francis and the Franciscans enjoyed spending time alone with God in nature.

Throughout the pilgrimage, in both Rome and Assisi, on most days, we were offered a Holy Hour before the Blessed Sacrament. We took in so much throughout each day that we turned to the Lord each night to give Him all that we are and have, to let Him do with it as He pleased. That opportunity to have the Holy Hour was very similar to the rationale of going to Assisi after Rome. Rome was busy, non-stop, taking in SO much. Throughout our lives, we take in so much, sometimes without taking a step back. The Holy Hours and the time in Assisi both allowed for this: taking a step back to sit in silence with God, giving Him everything. It can be easy to reach a point where we just cannot take in anything else, where nothing can phase us. As we turn to the Lord in the Eucharist, we can relinquish all to Him, emptying ourselves into Him so that He may fill us back up with that which He desires. It can be easy to think that we can take in more than we can. I appreciated those Holy Hours and that time in Assisi SO much. Without them, I would have been unable to take in anymore or to appreciate my time during the pilgrimage.

I would love so much to go into more detail about my time in Assisi, but this post has already taken me long enough. If you would like me to write about some part of my time there, please let me know.

“Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace.
Where there is hatred, let me sow love.”

-St. Francis of Assisi


Duc In Altum


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