Every Journey Begins with One Step (Or Something Like That)

“A good traveler has no fixed plans
and is not intent on arriving.”

-Lao Tzu

Well that started on such a great foot… It was our first day of our 10 (or so) day break, and I can’t exactly say it started off on the best foot. After getting to Scheibbs, I realized that I didn’t have my EuRail Pass with me. That feeling was terrible. I was already very stressed about trains in France, and this did not help with my stress levels. There was a lot of stress, and we would have gotten on the train, but I didn’t know what to do. The group was mostly all on the train, but luckily one of my friends offered to come back to the Kartause with me. I felt like crap. We were sitting on the bus back, trying to figure out how we were going to meet up with the others. I just kept looking out the window, sulking in my sorrows. Then I head ‘Wake Me Up’ by Avicii come on the radio. That song can always make me feel better. I still kind of felt like crap, but I did feel better. When we got there, I went quickly to my room to find my Pass. After tearing a good bit of my room apart, I found it. We found trains to get us to Paris to meet up with the others. We took the 8 o’clock bus, we got on the Scheibbs train, and I was writing this on that train ride to St. Pölten.

During times that, it can be really easy to hate oneself and just ask why it happened to us. Yes, there are much worse things, but it still sucks, especially with the previously accumulated stress and tiredness. My friend sat there on the train and asked me, “Why? Why did this happen to us?” But really: Why not? What would make us so special to keep us from ‘bad luck,’ from bad things happening to us? We are not that special. It’s times like these that help us realize how blessed we are. God has given us so much. So what if He takes away a couple hours, a couple bucks? We still have so much. We have no eternal right to what we have. God has blessed us. The real question would be ‘Why has he blessed us?’ So we ask ‘Why?’ Because God allowed it, wanted it, or wants us to learn from it. This can be an opportunity to move back toward God. Yes, there is an initial frustration, but that emotion is understandable. But as we begin to internalize the situation, we can realize that it is not as bad as we had thought. Good can come out of the situation. I don’t want to be upset, frustrated, etc. God loves us and would never give us anything we can’t handle. Everything we have WILL be taken from us. It’s just a matter of when. Thank God for moments like these.

“If you think you’re life is hard,
it could be a lot worse.
Appreciate what you have because life could always be better,
but it could always get worse.”



Duc In Altum


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