The Prodigal

Today’s Gospel was the story of the Prodigal Son. It’s a story that we can often take for granted, but we need to be able to constantly look at our lives through the light of the Word of God, especially through the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Here is something I wrote my Junior Year in high school as a reflection on this Gospel.

As you look into my eyes,
You plead for me to stay.
I want to leave this world behind.
You let me go.

I gather my things and leave
I just want what’s best for me.
I want to gain riches, I want to gain fame.
Earthly desires are my only aim.

My mind is in the wrong place.
From you, I should hide my face.
I waste all you have given.
I am Your Prodigal Son.

I lose the riches I had.
I live with the swine in the scum.
I see the pain I have caused.
Can I come back to you?

My mind was in the wrong place.
From you, I should hide my face.
I have wasted what you have given.
I am Your Prodigal Son.

For you, I shall work.
For you, I shall serve.
For you, I will give up my life.

My mind was in the wrong place.
From you, I shall hide my face.
I shall come back empty handed.
I am Your Prodigal Son.

I see my son approach.
I run out to greet him.
My son was lost and now found,
Was dead but is now risen.


Duc In Altum



With it being Lent, I thought that it would be good to share some reflections – some new, some old – that would be appropriate for this time of year. This is a poem I wrote when I was a Junior in high school, calling us to reflect on the effect that sin has on our relationship with Christ.

I am a whip.passion_scourge
I live my life for the only thing
That could ever matter:
Me, myself, and I.

I go day-to-day
Hoping for more from this life.
I can’t seem to find my reason
To go on living through each strife.

I hate, I hurt,
I don’t care who I hurt
But as I go through each day,
I begin to see the pain I cause.

Every hurtful word,
Every hateful act,
A soldier lifts up his arm,
An innocent man attacked.

I am brought down onto
A prisoner who did nothing wrong.
He is innocent,
But proceeds without a word.

Each sin I commit
Is a whip on his back.
Every person I hurt,
Another piece of flesh is lost.

the passion of the christ nail in jesus hand passion251That innocent man
Gives his life for me.
What is my thanks?
I whip His back everyday.

I am a hammer.
The way I force down
The steel into this man,
This innocent man…


Duc In Altum